What are Biosolids?  

Biosolids (a.k.a. treated sewage sludge) are treated organic matter recovered through the treatment of wastewater. Biosolids are valued for their energy and agricultural properties. Find more information in our Biosolids Fact Sheet and Annual Performance brochure.


How are Biosolids Used?

OCSD reycles this high-quality product as a bulk soil amendment for farms or compost facilities that create amendments for agriculture, nurseries, or home gardens. Biosolids are an environmentally-friendly alternative to popular petroleum-based fertilizers. Find more information in our Biosolids Fact Sheet and Annual Performance brochure.

What is a Certified Biosolids Program?

OCSD is celebrating 10 years of a having our biosolids program certified by the National Biosoilds Partnership (NBP). The NBP's nationwide certification is based on the ISO 14001 and customized for biosolids with the goal of continuously improving outcomes related to relationships with interested parties, enviornmental performance, regulatory compliance, and quality management practices.

Certification involves a rigorous process of external review and continued program improvement.

This certification is another way we ensure the biosolids program is sustainable for years to come. Read more on our Certified Biosolids Program page.


Why does your input matter?

As part of our certified Biosolids Program, we have committed to considering public input in planning. Therefore, your opinions really do count! During significant planning efforts we see public participation, but we always enjoy hearing from you regarding our Biosolids Program. We appreciate your interest.


Where can I find more information?

Use the left navigation bar or visit our More Resources page. This page lists all the resources availabe on biosolids throughout this website.


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