Yu-Li Tsai receives 25 year Service Award

Post Date:03/07/2017 9:17 AM

Dr. Yu-Li joined OCSD as a Principal Research Analyst in December 1991 and a few years later was promoted to Senior Scientist. When OCSD began a research group, Dr. Yu-Li was recruited as a founding member of that section to bring in grants and perform cutting-edge research. Once promoted to Senior Scientist he became a resource for the entire laboratory and continued to perform the most sophisticated analyses in the Microbiology section. In 2010, Dr. Yu-Li was asked to assume the role of Quality Assurance Administrator for OCSD’s laboratory, which, required him to review all external laboratory data and oversee our quality assurance program as well as laboratory accreditation measures. He successfully elevated OCSD’s quality assurance program to a level where during the last laboratory audit there were no deficiencies or negative findings noted by the inspector. Through his dedication and guidance Dr. Yu-Li and his colleagues have made OCSD one of the premiere public laboratories in the United States, which is respected by our State and local regulators and have been invited to participate in the development of serval analytical methods by the United States EPA. Dr. Yu-Li was born in Taiwan and received his Bachelor’s degree from National Taiwan University. He came to the United States to pursue his graduate studies, earning a Master of Science and Doctorate degree in Microbiology from Ohio State University. He continued down the academic path as a post-graduate researcher at the University of Connecticut for two years and then went to the University of California, Irvine as a Research Associate in 1988. Dr. Yu-Li has three daughters, all of whom have graduated college, one with a Doctorate in Pharmacology and has been married to his wife for 34 years.

Congratulations to Dr. Yu-Li Tsai for 25-years of service to the Orange County Sanitation District.