Biosolids Master Plan Published

Post Date:01/14/2019 9:30 AM

May 30, 2017

OCSD has published the final Biosolids Master Plan (BMP), and it is available for download here. See the outline below for specific areas including this link to a presentation given to OCSD’s Operations and Administration committees on the Plan.

The charge to the consultant team was to evaluate existing OCSD solids handling facilities, assess solids treatment alternatives, and make recommendations for future capital facilities’ improvements. Tasks focused on identifying offsite management alternatives for OCSD to generate biosolids products that meet sustainable and beneficial reuse markets as well as evaluating and planning a high-strength waste co-digestion facility.

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This project was a culmination of over two years of work from scoping, to awarding the request for proposal to the team of Black & Veatch and Brown & Caldwell, and then over a year of collaborating and  developing the nine technical memoranda. The plan will serve as the roadmap for a sustainable and cost-effective biosolids management options over a 20-year period, including the associated facility improvements that align with the appropriate biosolids product(s), market(s), and level of treatment.   

The Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and supporting documents for the construction projects recommended by the BMP will be forthcoming to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Implementation of the Plan will include:

  • An expedited project delivery of an interim food waste receiving facility at Plant No. 2 in Huntington Beach anticipated to be operational by January 2019 to coincide with a significant increase in state regulatory requirements. With the interim facility receiving approximately 250 wet tons per day of pre-processed commercial and/or residential source separated organics, it will greatly help in diverting organics from going to a landfill in favor of beneficially recycling the organics. being reused as land application. This temporary facility will operate until the permanent facility is operational (estimated to be 2028) with a capacity of 500 wet tons per day, which will significantly aid OCSD’s member agencies and partners in meeting regulatory requirements.

  • By 2030, OCSD anticipates the commissioning of six new thermophilic digesters. These digesters will mitigate the seismic shortcomings of some of the Plant No. 2 existing digesters, and will work in sequence with the existing mesophilic digesters as Temperature Phased Anaerobic Digestion (TPAD) process to produce a “Class A” biosolids product. The new biosolids product can be used locally and blended with other products to create a soil amendment. OCSD will be exploring new soil blending markets compatible with this new biosolids product.

  • By 2040, finish replacing the mesophilic phase digesters and demolition of the existing digesters.

In part, this Master Plan served to update the 2003 Long-Range Biosolids Management Plan. The 2003 Plan served us well and established key guidance that still applies today. The 2017 Biosolids Master Plan created an updated set of 10 Tenets for Biosolids Management.



Executive Summary

Information Collection and Review

  • TM 1 – OCSD Solids Facilities and Design Basis

  • TM 2 – Review of OCSD’s Biosolids Program and Summarize the Current State, Trends, and Outlook for Biosolids Management

Technologies Assessment and Alternatives Development and Evaluation

  • TM 3 – Offsite Biosolids Management Alternatives Evaluation

  • TM 4 – Sludge Digestion and Post Dewatering Technologies Evaluation

  • TM 5 – High Strength and Organic Waste Co-digestion Evaluation

    Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Project Development

  • TM 6 – CIP Project Development for Plant No. 2 Solids Handling Facilities

  • TM 7 – CIP Project Development for Plant No. 1 Solids Handling Facilities

    Biosolids Management Plan

  • TM 8 – Biosolids Management Plan

    Special Project Evaluation

  • TM9 - Aqua Critox Review
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