25 Years of Service!

Post Date:09/04/2017 6:00 AM

Congratulations to Elaine Galvez on her 25 years of service with OCSD.

Elaine started working for OCSD on August 10, 1992 when she accepted a position for janitorial services in our Plant Maintenance Division. Eventually, Elaine was interested in performing more challenging work, so, when she heard of a position opening up as a Laboratory Helper she was successful in applying and got the job in June of 1998.

As the years went on, Elaine’s job classification changed to Laboratory Assistant and in 2017 Elaine became an Environmental Technician.

During her 25 years at OCSD, Elaine has served under 3 different job titles, 5 different supervisors and three lab managers; yet her level of commitment and dedication to OCSD remains unchanged. She comes in to work every day determined to work hard and to complete all of the tasks assigned to her.

For Elaine, her day consists of helping with sample collections from a variety of sources and involves the collection of wastewater, gases and solid samples at over 20 sampling sites located at both Plant No. 1 and Plant No. 2. She also maintains the laboratory’s automated samples in the field, performs laboratory analyses, cleans lab glassware and offers her advice to many who consider her to be a respected mentor.

When she’s not busy, Elaine enjoys volunteering at outreach events where she gets to share her knowledge and experiences of the Laboratory with people outside of OCSD.

Congratulations again Elaine on your 25 years of service!!