First Ever - Water Professionals Appreciation Week

Post Date:10/07/2017 1:00 AM

This week OCSD will join other public water agencies throughout California to highlight the important role of water industry professionals and local public water agencies have in ensuring safe and reliable water, wastewater and recycled water in California.

This past September, the Legislature passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 80 (SCR 80), by Senator Bill Dodd (D-Napa). Under SCR 80, Water Professionals Appreciation Week begins on the first Saturday of October and ends on the Sunday of the following weekend each year. This year’s Water Professionals Appreciation Week takes place from October 7-15.

“When we turn on our faucets or flush our toilets, it is easy to forget that a large team of, scientists, engineers, operators, mechanics, and administrative staff are behind this amazing infrastructure,” stated Jim Herberg, OCSD’s General Manager. Protecting the public health and the environment is our number one priority and we are so proud of the men and women who make this happen 24/7. As said by so many, we are stronger together when we work together, and we appreciate the communities support.”

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