20 Year Service Award

Post Date:11/13/2017 7:47 AM
Congratulations to Umesh Murthy, Engineering Supervisor on his 20 years of service with OCSD. Prior to coming to OCSD in 1997, Umesh spent seven years at the Inland Empire Utility Agency with two of those years being in their source control division. Umesh has a very broad understanding of OCSD’s operations having worked 16 years in the engineering department in both construction management and project management divisions and has spent the last four years in Operations supervising the process engineering group. Umesh has accomplished much while here at OCSD including successfully coordinating with our Operation & Maintenance Department to build and commission several wastewater treatment units at our Huntington Beach Facility including the following key projects; a second effluent pumping station, a new headwork facility, a new maintenance building and a new surge tower for the smaller ocean outfall pipe. Umesh has also been a part of overseeing the process engineering team in the Operations Division and has accomplished much including: completing a overall energy audit of both treatment plants and recommended projects that will improve energy efficiency, conducted a study and implemented steps to reduce shells and larvae in trickling filters secondary treatment process reducing downstream damage to pumps, pipes, and reducing the solids accumulation impact to our digesters. In his spare time, Umesh loves to travel and has been to places like Mexico, Japan, India and Canada and also enjoys hiking and teaching. Congratulations again Umesh on your 20 years of service.