2018 Annual Biosolids Compliance Report Available

OCSD's Biosolids Program Regulatory Compliance and Program Update

Post Date:07/30/2019 10:00 AM

OCSD’s annual compliance report details how we met regulatory requirements onsite, and how our biosolids were recycled offsite. Biosolids compliance reports are submitted to regulators by February 19th each year. OCSD's submitted report is available on our website: ocsd.com/503.

In 2018:

  • OCSD produced 291,488 tons of biosolids, which equates to an average of almost 800 tons per day of biosolids.
  • An average of 32 trucks per day hauled biosolids from OCSD's Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach plants.

Please review the report (www.ocsd.com/503) to read :

  • OCSD recycled 100% of our biosolids. Table 2 details where OCSD’s biosolids were recycled. 
  • Accomplishments including receiving the National Association of Clean Water Agencies Platinum Award.

  • Dewatering centrifuge commissioning began at Plant No. 1.

  • Eight (8) digesters were cleaned.

  • Status of OCSD's biosolids management system including communications and contractor oversight metrics.

  • Biosolids production history (1992-2018).

Feel free to contact Deirdre Bingman (dbingman@ocsd.com or 714.593-7459) if you have any questions regarding this information.

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