Going from concrete to asphalt base

Recyling more than just water

Post Date:06/15/2018

Late last year a couple of clarifiers and digesters at Plant No. 2 were demolished as they were no longer needed. What remained was a large pile of concrete. But now, that concrete has been converted to asphalt base that will be used within Plant No. 2.

As a true resource recovery facility, we are always looking at ways to make use of the products we have. Knowing we would be demolishing large structures that would generate piles and piles of concrete, we put our thinking caps on to find a way to minimize impact to our neighbors by eliminating the need to haul off the material and at the same time, make use of it.

So this is what we did...


 The crushing operation was conducted over the course of one week, much quicker than we anticipated.

Visit the project webpage for more information on the project.