Sharing the Knowledge

Post Date:01/15/2019 12:07 PM

Last week the Long Beach Water Department stopped by at Plant No.1 in Fountain Valley for a sewer spill containment training and simulation. OCSD engineers started out the day with a presentation on estimating a sewer spill to abide by state guidelines. Our engineers shared with them the equations and numbers necessary to estimate the volume of a spill in order to get the equipment necessary to contain it. After that, the OCSD Collections crew followed with the steps taken to be within protocol during a spill.  From the initial call, to using tires to clean the pipes, and ultimately properly containing the spill, it was all covered.

The fun didn’t stop there.  

Since no two spills are ever the same, what better way than to simulate a sewer spill right here on our facility to put all that was learned into action! The Long Beach Water Department and OCSD Collections crew worked together and followed proper protocol to contain the simulated spill successfully.



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