Your input is needed - Sewer System Management Plan

Post Date:01/31/2012
Your input is needed - Sewer System Management Plan

We need your input 

The Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) is updating our Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) we need your valuable feedback. The complete SSMP is available for your review and comments until February 6, 2012. Please use our survey to provide comment.

What is the Sewer System Management Plan?

The Sewer System Management Plan is part of the Waste Discharge Requirements. All publicly owned sanitary sewer collection systems in California with more than one mile of sewer pipe must develop a Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP) as part of the California's Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Reduction Program.  

The SSMP helps ensure that our collection system provides consistently reliable service and protects our local beaches by minimizing sanitary sewer overflows. 

What is a sewer spill and how do they happen?

Sewer spills occur when wastewater being transported via underground pipes backs up or overflows through a sewer manhole cover, pipe cleanout, or broken pipe. Historically, the major causes of sewer spills can include grease blockages, root blockages, sewer line damage, sewer line flooding during heavy rains, vandalism, and mechanical or power failure affecting pump stations and treatment systems.  

Our commitment to minimizing sewer spills

OCSD strives to be a good neighbor and respond to sewer spills within one hour, contain spills within five hours, and keep spills to a minimum so we can minimize impacts to the environment as much as possible. We have done a good job in reducing the amount of spills, and in the last six months for example; we have only had one minor spill due to construction.

Many sewer spills can be avoided with adequate operation, maintenance, and preventative planning measures. The Sewer System Management Plan contains the details on how we do this. In the event of a sewer spill or emergency there are also specific procedures OCSD must follow to respond, contain as possible, clean up, and record and report the event.  

Audit findings 

The District recently received the findings from the most recent audit of our Sewer System Management Plan. We've reviewed them and came up with draft revisions to correct the weaknesses while taking pride in all the good things we have accomplished. 

Now, we need your input. Tell us what you think.

Sewer System Management Plan 

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