Heal the Bay Beach Report Card is Out

Post Date:07/08/2019

As we welcome the summer, Heal the Bay released their annual Beach Report Card grading over 500 California beach locations during the summer, winter, and wet weather events, based on daily and weekly bacteria levels in the surf zone. Only 54 percent of the beaches received an A or B grade during wet weather, which is an eight percentage point decrease from the state’s five-year average. While scientists remain deeply concerned about water quality issues, there is some good news for beachgoers. 94 percent of the 500 California beaches monitored by Heal the Bay received an A or B grade for the busy summer season. During the dry winter season, 87 percent of beaches received an A or B grade. Overall, 33 California beaches made it on Heal the Bay’s coveted Honor Roll this year, which is lower than last year (37) likely due to higher than average rainfall. To make it on the Honor Roll the beach must be monitored year-round and score perfect A+ grades each week in all seasons and weather conditions.

OCSD’s Dry Weather Urban Runoff Program has had a great deal of success in helping to maintain the quality of recreational beaches along the Orange County Coastline. Since the adoption of the OCSD’s Urban Runoff Program, beach water quality has improved, as shown in this Report. This year’s Annual Report can be viewed online at: https://healthebay.org/beach-report-card-nowcast-2019/