OCSD Unveils Its New Centrifuge Facility

Post Date:07/31/2019 4:27 PM


OCSD's new centrifuge facility replaces aging equipment, improves efficiency, and expands our solids handling capacity, eliminating the need to construct additional digesters.  Centrifuges have been around in the wastewater treatment industry since the 1930's, but today – with the latest technology, centrifuges offer higher performance than the old belt presses that we have replaced.

In total, our new facility houses six centrifuges:  three dewatering units each with 1000 gallons per minute feed capacity and three thickening units each with up to 1600 gallons per minute feed capacity.  These centrifuges are amongst the largest in the world used in wastewater treatment, standing over 10 feet tall and over 30 feet long. 

With an increase in population, the volume of OCSD’s biosolids was at an all-time high of about 750 tons per day.  But now with the centrifuges online and because of their efficiency, that number is reduced to 550 tons per day.  Essentially wringing out an additional 200 tons of water per day that will no longer be hauled over 120-280 miles to outside of Barstow or Arizona.  This is reducing truck hauling by about 30 percent which equates to about 3,500 trucks per year.

The ribbon cutting drew in more than 50 State, Federal, and local elected officials and business representatives and we thank them for attending.

To view photos from the event click here.

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