Super Bowl Frenzy

Post Date:01/31/2020 10:36 AM

Super Bowl Frenzy is here. You’re excited, we’re excited, but let’s not let that cloud our decision-making skills when it matters most. That quick halftime flush.

Did you know that OCSD sees an increase in flow on three days during the year?

Christmas, Thanksgiving, and you guessed it, Super Bowl Sunday.

We’re here to treat all the wastewater that comes into our plant, just not the trash.

Let’s take a moment to remember the 3 P’s. PEE, POO, and PAPER are the only three things that should go down the toilet. Instead of aiming those “flushable” wipes at the toilet, aim them at the trash can instead. The toilet isn’t the only thing we should be mindful about. When cleaning up after the party make sure leftover food makes its way to the trash, and not the drain. Take a moment and visit for more information about what to do with left-over grease from those Super Bowl snacks.



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