Do you know What to Flush?

Post Date:03/05/2020 10:30 AM

It is a simple answer, but many truly don’t know the correct answer.

You should only flush the 3Ps. PEE, POOP, and PAPER.

And we mean toilet paper. Not “flushable” wipes,” kitchen towels, or shredded printer paper.ion

Many people don’t know that “flushable” wipes shouldn’t be flushed. They really aren’t flushable. They’re flushable just like money is flushable. In other words, not something you want to do or should do. Flushing items other than the 3 Ps can cause a clog that can amount to a hefty bill from your plumber. “Flushable” wipes don’t disperse as regular toilet paper does and they can get stuck and accumulate over time in your pipes, or ours.

Other things to keep out of the drain are coffee grounds, floss, hair, medication, and fats, oils or greases.

Over time, all these items can have an effect on your pipes, our pipes, and the environment.

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