OCSD Approves Budget and Foregoes Rate Increase

Post Date:06/25/2020 3:00 PM

The Orange County Sanitation District’s Board of Directors voted to adopt the two-year budget and not raise the sewer fee for the upcoming year.

The new budget will support the Capital Improvement Program which is issuing over $500 million in construction contracts over the next year and a half. These 37 construction projects are necessary for OCSD to meet its mission and will help support and enhance the local economy. 

As OCSD enters year three of a five-year rate program, the OCSD Board of Directors and staff determined that, due to the financial impacts of COVID-19 on the Orange County community, it was best to forgo the scheduled 1.2 percent increase. The OCSD sewer fee for a single-family residence will remain $339 per year, less than one dollar a day.

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