Plant No. 1 Main Entrance

Post Date:09/17/2018 11:39 AM
The Orange County Water District (OCWD) will be conducting injection well maintenance on the well that is near our guard shack at our Plant No. 1 facility in Fountain Valley. The entrance and exit into our facility will be limited to just one lane, so please drive with caution. 


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  • Plant 1 Guard Shack

    Plant No. 1 Main Entrance

    Starting Monday, September 24, our front entrance and exit will be limited to one lane.

    09/17/2018 11:39 AM

  • Facebook

    Follow us on Social Media

    Have you 'liked' OCSD on Facebook yet?

    08/30/2018 3:30 PM

  • Phase B map

    Sewer Construction Starting on State College Blvd.

    Sewer replacement work on State College Blvd. in the City of Anaheim starts after the Labor Day Holiday.

    08/30/2018 8:07 AM

  • 6-17 work behind krail

    Summer Break is Over!

    Construction work is anticipated to commence on Newport Blvd south of Industrial Way after Labor Day in the City of Newport Beach. Read more...


  • NBProgramOCSDHotline

    Newport Blvd Project

    Construction work on Newport Blvd north of Hospital Road to commence in September. Read more...


  • la beach closure

    Beach Closure, Not OCSD

    Much of Newport Beach's Back Bay is closed to swimmers after two sewage spills dumped a total of 15,000 gallons into the water Tuesday, according to the Orange County Health Care Agency.

    08/15/2018 7:30 AM

  • NPI award

    OCSD Wins Procurement Award

    Recently OCSD was notified that we have received the Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award for 2018.

    08/09/2018 2:13 PM

  • May 2018 International Compost Awareness Week  biosolids compost recycling sewage sludge land application

    Carbon Farming with Compost helps Climate Change

    We know compost is great for building healthy soils, but researchers and journalists are starting to take notice of a new benefit that has a big benefit for climate change!

    07/25/2018 9:32 AM

  • Biosolids Master Plan Published

    OCSD has published the final Biosolids Master Plan (BMP), and it is available for download.

    07/25/2018 9:30 AM

  • hand_climate_chg_thumbnail

    OCSD's Three New Biosolids Videos

    How does sewage sludge become biosolids? How do biosolids help mitigate climate change? You are less than 2 minutes away from the answers!

    07/25/2018 9:19 AM

  • KisstheGround biosolids recycling land application

    Saving the Planet with Compost!

    How can we help keep planet habitable and participating in the regeneration of our planet? How can the cycle of a banana peel make or break us? How can we restore fertility to our soil, regenerate our food systems, clean our water, and help reverse climate change? It’s as easy as Composting!

    07/25/2018 9:16 AM

  • annaul biosolids compliance report sewage sludge disposal data

    2017 Annual Biosolids Compliance Report Available

    OCSD’s annual compliance report details how we met regulatory requirements onsite, and how our biosolids were recycled offsite. Biosolids compliance reports are submitted to regulators by February 19th each year. OCSD's submitted report is available on our website:


  • peakperformance_highres

    OCSD to Receive the Platinum Peak Performance Award

    OCSD has recently been selected to receive the Platinum Peak Performance Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies.


  • Phase B map

    Anaheim, we'll see you soon!

    Sewer construction on State College Blvd. in the City of Anaheim is scheduled to begin in September.

    07/19/2018 11:06 AM

  • Budget 2018

    OCSD Adopts a Two-Year Budget

    Recently, the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD), adopted a two-year budget for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.

    07/12/2018 2:20 PM

  • board

    OCSD Hosts Women in Water, Energy and Environment Panel

    OCSD will be co-hosting a panel event with the Association of Women in Water, Energy and the Environment.

    07/05/2018 2:45 PM