Orange County Sanitation District Asks Residents and Businesses to Conserve Water During the Upcoming Storm this Weekend

Post Date:02/16/2017 2:58 PM

Fountain Valley, CA – With more than three inches of rain predicted for the Southland this weekend, the Orange County Sanitation District is encouraging residents and businesses to conserve water during the upcoming storm.

On a typical day, OCSD safely collects, treats, recycles and disposes of 185 million gallons of wastewater generated by 2.6 million people in north and central Orange County.  During large rain events like the recent January storm, OCSD processed 586 million gallons of water.  More than three times our average. If weather forecasters are correct, the storm predicted for this weekend could surpass the January deluge.

The wastewater generated in homes and businesses travels through the local sanitary sewer system to OCSD’s wastewater treatment facilities in Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach.  During heavy rains, and in the hours immediately following, the sewer lines carry significantly higher levels of water to the treatment plants due to the inflow and infiltration of rainwater into the system. This results in dramatic peaks of wastewater flowing to the plants and can cause potential problems in the sewer lines and at the treatment facilities.

Residents can help by deferring water-using chores until after the heavy storm has passed.  If the rain does not seem to be letting up, it’s best to postpone laundry or dishwashing activities until after 6:00 p.m.  Additionally, please, always turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or shaving, and take shorter showers.

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