Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pre-Bid/Pre-Proposal Conference?
The Pre-Bid/RFP conference is a meeting held to discuss the specific bid or RFP document. This meeting gives you the opportunity to ask questions and to request clarifications in the documents. Pre-bid/RFP conferences are held for most formal bids or RFPs solicited by Orange County Sanitation District. The Pre- Bid/RFP conferences are not always mandatory, but suppliers are urged to attend.  

Are Pre-Bid / Pre-Proposal Conferences and Job Walks mandatory?

Not all Pre-Bid / Pre-Proposal Conferences are mandatory but potential bidders are urged to attend. If the Pre-Bid / Pre-Proposal Conferences is mandatory the Notice Inviting Bids/Request for Proposals will state that it is mandatory.  

How do I pre-register as a Visitor for Pre-Bid/Pre-Proposal or Bid Opening?
Advance registration is recommended to help reduce the wait time at the security gate. This can be via electronic telecommunication (email) at Please include the following title on the subject line of the facsimile or email: “Project Number Job Walk/Bid Opening - Visitor Registration”. The body of the message should include the company name, and for each attendee, the first and last name, phone number and email address. Upon arrival at OCSD’s Plant 1 or Plant 2 facilities, visitors must obtain a temporary visitor identification badge by providing either a driver’s license, California Department of Motor Vehicles issued photo identification card, passport or other form of identification that establishes identity. Depending upon the number of visitors, waits of 30 minutes may be expected with the sign-in process; therefore, attendees should plan their arrival accordingly. Upon leaving OCSD’s plant facility, visitors shall return their temporary identification badges in the receptacle provided, located at the main entrance/exit security booth.


What are the Job Walk Safety Requirements?
Attendees are required to wear long pants, long sleeved shirts, and all the listed personal protective equipment that meets the following criteria: Enclosed Safety Toed Shoes must meet ASTM F2413. ASTM numbers must be legible on the tongue or insides of the shoes, Safety Glasses must meet ANSI Z87, Hard Hats must meet ANSI Z89.1, and Safety Vest ANSI/SEA 107-2004 Class 2 requirements. OCSD will not provide personal protective equipment to attendees. Job Walk participants who do not have the appropriate personal protective equipment will not be allowed to participate in the Job Walk due to safety concerns.


Do Contractors need to be pre-qualified?
In general, Contractors do not need to be pre-qualified.  If prequalification is necessary, the Notice Inviting Bids will state the requirement.  

How do I know when a project is going out to bid?
For Design, Architecture and Other Engineering Services, please go to Design RFP Schedule.   For Public Works construction projects, please go to the  Upcoming Bids for Capital Improvement.     

How can I find out which public works projects are currently available for bidding?
For Design, Architecture and Other Engineering Services, please go to BidsOnline. For Public Works construction projects, please go to the  ARC Public Planroom and search by OCSD.  

How do I obtain a Plan Holders list?
Plan Holder information is available at the ARC Public Planroom. To get to a specific project’s plan room, follow these instructions: •  Select “Public Planroom” and in the “Find” field, enter the Project # (or enter OCSD and select the Project from the list) •  Locate your project on the generated list and select the “Planholders List” link.  

How do I obtain copies of Bid Tabulations?
Click the link for Recent Construction Bid Results.  

How do I obtain Plans and Specifications, and what is the cost?
You may order Plans and Specifications from the ARC Public Planroom and search for a project # or enter "OCSD" to find all projects and select the one you wish to purchase. Cost varies by project.  

How do I submit my Public Works bid?
The complete signed, sealed bid shall be submitted in accordance with the Notice Inviting Bids for each Solicitation.  

How do I submit my Design, Architecture or Other Engineering Services proposal?
The complete proposal shall be submitted in a sealed envelope with the proposer’s name, project name, project number, and the proposal due date and time clearly marked on the envelope as identified in the RFP.  

Submit to:   Orange County Sanitation District Attention: 
                  Attention: [As specified in the RFP] 
                  10844 Ellis Avenue, 
                  Fountain Valley, CA 92708-7018  

What criteria are used to award construction bids?
The entire work will be awarded to one Bidder and the award, if made, will be to the lowest responsive, responsible Bidder within one hundred and twenty (120) days after the opening of bids, unless otherwise specified in the Special Provisions. Additional requirements are specified in the IFB Documents for each project.  

What criteria are used to award Requests for Proposals?
The criteria used to award are specific to a solicitation and will be identified within the RFP Documents. RFPs are usually awarded on a Best Value basis.  

How can I find out the low bidder on a particular project?
The apparent low bidder can be found under  Recent Construction Bid Results.  

How can I find out the subcontractors for a recent bid?
Subcontractors are listed under Recent Construction Bid Results.