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Trunk Connection Permits
Trunk Connection Permits are issued to cities, local sewer and water agencies within OCSD’s service boundary for connections to regional OCSD sewer manholes. Engineering plans showing the proposed connection plan and profile views shall be submitted to OCSD for review and approval. Plans shall meet standards shown in the OCSD Design Construction Requirements for Sanitary Sewers; other conditions of approval may apply.

To obtain a Trunk Connection Permit please use the contact information shown below.
Contact: Daniel Lee (714) 593-7176,

Clearance Letter

OCSD issues clearance letter when an OCSD official response is needed and a permit is not required. Example scenarios requiring an approval and clearance letter:
• The property is not connected to the OCSD sewer system and no new connection proposed.
• The property is not within OCSD sewer service area.
• OCSD is not the local sewer service area provider for the property.
To obtain a Clearance letter please use the contact information shown below.

Sewer Map Requests

OCSD maintains a sewer atlas, record maps, and permits for OCSD owned regional sewers.
The following information will be required to process your request:
• Location Map
• Proposed Connection Location

To obtain sewer maps please click here to submit a request. Contact: Quynh Nguyen (714) 593-7326,

Annexation Fees

OCSD is responsible for collecting, treating and/or recycling approximately 180 million gallons of wastewater each day. It is essential that OCSD facilities be kept in good condition to prevent system failures, permit violations, sewage spills and beach closures. If your property is located outside the service boundaries of OCSD and you would like to obtain sewerage service from the District, your property needs to be annexed to the District (added to the service area) before it can be connected to the public sewer system. Prior to your request for access to the District’s wastewater system, you or the previous landowner did not contribute through property taxes or otherwise to the development of OCSD’s sewer facilities. The one-time annexation fee covers the administrative costs of the annexation procedure, including processing your application, preparing maps, descriptions, environmental reports and staff reports as well as a share of the cost to install and maintain the system that provides sewer services to your property. In return for the annexation fee, you are entitled to receive access to the benefit of OCSD’s facilities system as well as the District’s service.

To obtain annexation information please use the contact information below.
Contact: Daniel Lee (714) 593-7176, 


How much does it cost to connect to an OCSD sewer?
OCSD permits cities, local sewer, and water agencies to connect to our regional sewers (Trunk Connection). A permit may include inspection costs. To determine your permit costs, please contact:
Daniel Lee (714) 593-7176,  

What is the difference between a local and regional sewer?
A local sewer main typically services only a community or a city and is smaller in size compared to a regional sewer. Residences and businesses discharge into private sewer laterals which connect to local sewer mains under surrounding streets and alleyways. A regional sewer receives the flow from local sewer mains and delivers to a wastewater treatment plant. OCSD is only a regional sewer provider.

Sewer System Diagram


Is OCSD my local sewer service provider?
OCSD is not a local sewer provider. Your city will be your local sewer provider with exceptions of Yorba Linda, Irvine, Tustin and unincorporated areas, which have their own special water district. Please reference our list of Local Providers for contact information. For a map of OCSD service boundary click here.

Has my property been annexed into the OCSD service boundary?
Please contact: Daniel Lee (714) 593-7176,   

Why can’t I connect to an OCSD regional sewer if it is closest to my project?
OCSD is only a regional sewer provider to local sewer agencies cities, and private connections are to be permitted and serviced by local sewer agencies/cities.

I want to add a room to my house. What is a Capital Facility Capacity Charge?
Room additions can increase the demand on the sewer collection system and wastewater treatment plant. Your local sewer agency permit includes OCSD’s Capital Facilities Capacity Charges (CFCC) to pay for added demand on existing OCSD facilities. The current CFCCs can be found on sheet 2 in the Rate and Fee Table.

Do I have to pay Capital Facility Capacity Charges (CFCC) for my tenant improvements and or new structures?

Every business building connected to the sewer is designated a category of use based on quality and quantity of the discharge, and then charged a respective CFCC. As an example, a warehouse building category is designated as a low demand discharger on the sewer collection system and wastewater treatment plant. A tenant improvement that results in a change to a higher demand category will have CFCC imposed. Previous purchased capacity is credited toward the tenant improvement CFCC. New structures will place added demand on the sewer system resulting in CFCC.

Does my commercial property need to install a grease interceptor to my private sewer lateral?
It depends on the activities which generate sewer discharge.  Please refer to the OCSD Source Control Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG) program.

Who maintains the sewer lateral leaving my property?
It depends on local laws and municipal codes, but in most cases the property owner is responsible for the private lateral. Contact your city or local sewer agency listed below for verification.

Local Providers
Your city will issue the sewer connection permit with a few exceptions as identified below. If you live in an unincorporated area then the issuing agency will be the sanitary district identified for those areas. Please contact the permit counter staff if you need assistance determining your local sewer provider.
• Anaheim – (714) 765-5176
• Brea – (714) 990-7600
• Buena Park - (714) 562-3500
• Costa Mesa – Costa Mesa Sanitary District (949) 645-8400
• Cypress (714) 229-6700
• Fountain Valley – (714) 593-4400
• Fullerton – (714) 738-6300
• Garden Grove - 714) 741-5000
• Huntington Beach – (714) 536-5511
• Irvine – Irvine Ranch Water District (949) 453-5548
• La Habra – (562) 905-9724
• La Palma – (714) 690-3310
• Los Alamitos – (562) 431-2223
• Newport Beach – (949) 644-3309
• Orange – (714) 744-5525
• Placentia – (714) 993-8245
• Santa Ana –(714) 647-3380
• Seal Beach – (562)431-2527
• Stanton – (714) 379-9222
• Tustin – East Orange County Water District (EOCWD) (714) 538-5815
• Villa Park (714) 998-1500
• Westminster – (714) 893-3553
• Yorba Linda – Yorba Linda Water District (714) 777-9593

• Anaheim – Garden Grove, (714) 741-5000
• Brea – (714) 990-7600
• La Habra – (562) 905-9724
• Midway City – Midway City Sanitation District, (714) 310-9004
• Orange Park Acres – Irvine Ranch Water District (949) 453-5548
• Placentia – (714) 993-8245
• Rossmoor – Rossmoor/Los Alamitos Sewer District, (562) 431-2223
• Unincorporated area north of Tustin - East Orange County Water District (EOCWD) ( 714) 538-5815
• Stanton – Garden Grove (714) 741-5000
• Sunset Beach – Sunset Beach Sanitary District, (562) 493-9932
• Yorba Linda – Yorba Linda Water District (714) 777-9593