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Where to find credible research, data, and information on biosolids (treated sewage sludge)?

Biosolids (aka treated sewage sludge) are produced by most modern sewage treatment plants throughout the world.

In addition to the resources on OCSD's Biosolids Resources page, the following scientists and engineers have been researching biosolids and safely recycling and for decades. Their websites contain some of the most relevant, comprehensive, credible, and user-friendly biosolids information.  

 Environmental Protection Agency 

Water Environment Federation's
Biosolids Resources Page



Water Environment Federation's
Biosolids Page



Northwest Biosolids Management Association 



New England Biosolids and Residuals Association 


nebra biosolids logo 

Water Environment Association of Ontario


Biosolids - Naturally Sustainable video 

Loop Biosolids

King County, Washington

 District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority
(DC Water)  

Washington, D.C.

 California Association of Sanitation Agencies

  CASA biosolids fact sheet resources