OCSD's Biosolids Program strives to provide our interested parties (our ratepayers, biosolids site neighbors, regulators, sister agencies, consultants, and contractors) with relevant and digestible information that meets their needs.

Below is information currently available on our website to help you find what you are looking for. Please contact us if you have any other suggestions.

Biosolids Primer

The California Association of Sanitation Agencies’ Renewable Resource Programs Director, Greg Kester, developed and shared this primer on the regulation and management of biosolids with the California Air Resources Board and CASA members. The primer is a great introduction and overview for those new to the subject as it reflects Greg’s unique perspective from his career as a biosolids regulator in Wisconsin as well as his time in California representing the wastewater plants on biosolids issues.

More details

  • OCSD's Biosolids Contractor Requirements – a comprehensive document that describe all aspects and expectations of our biosolids contractors, who haul our biosolids offsite for recycling (farming and composting). 

  • Annual Compliance Report - A thorough and detailed review of how we complied with EPA and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality requirements, along with progress on performance of goals, and other requirements of our management system.  

  • Regulatory Data - Monthly “Notice and Necessary Information” (NANIs) are posted here. NANIs certify that OCSD’s biosolids are meeting appropriate metals, pathogen reduction, vector-attraction reduction requirements in compliance with EPA and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality requirements in order for our biosolids to benefit farmland in Arizona.
  • Biosolids Master Plan - In 2017, OCSD completed a 2-year planning process that created this comprehensive Plan. The Plan includes moving Plant No. 2 to Class A biosolids by 2030 and adding food waste facilities to Plant No. 2.  Related news article.

  • Compost Give-Back Program - OCSD's member agencies are eligible for FREE Compost (excluding freight, but it can be picked-up) to take back the compost that our residuals create by completing the natural soil cycle and returning the important nutrients in compost back to the soil.


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