Sludge Dewatering and Odor Control at Plant No. 1

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Project Description:
This project is constructing primary sludge thickening facilities to improve solids handling capacity, installing new sludge dewatering facilities to replace aging equipment and reduce biosolids handling and disposal, and rehabilitating solids handling odor control equipment to replace aging equipment. 

P1-101 construction

Various phases of construction of the new facilities. 

Background Information:
This project is needed in order to handle the additional solids produced by the New Secondary Treatment System, which is necessary to support Sanitation District’s July 17, 2002 decision to meet secondary treatment standards.   

Project Status:
Construction began in winter 2013 and is scheduled for completion March 2020. The project is currently in the commissioning phase during which every aspect of the new facilities is tested to verify they are ready for full operation.

Current Approved Budget: $199,500,000