Huntington Beach Plant Future Construction

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Plant No. 2 Primary Treatment System Rehabilitation

Project Description:

The primary treatment facilities at Plant No. 2 consist of fourteen circular clarifiers which are supported by influent piping, influent distribution structures, effluent piping and sludge pumping units. The clarifiers are covered with geodesic domes which collect foul air from the clarifiers for conveyance and treatment at two foul air scrubbing complexes. The first phase of the project will provide short-term repairs to the ten clarifiers on B-Side and C-Side, along with associated facilities to provide necessary reliability when the A-Side clarifiers are taken out of service for at least three years for construction of the second phase. The second phase will replace the four clarifiers on A-Side, construct a new odor control system, and provide a new Power Building to serve the entire primary complex. The third phase of project will make permanent repairs to B and C Clarifiers.

Currently Approved Budget:   $245,000,000

Construction to replace the A-Side clarifiers is anticipated to start in 2021.


TPAD Digester Facility

Project Description:

This project is the largest of a set of related projects to replace the mesophilic anaerobic digesters at Plant No. 2 with new digesters in a temperature-phased anaerobic digester (TPAD) configuration. This project will include six new thermophilic digesters, batch tanks, cooling facilities, and associated sludge pumping, digester mixing, power distribution, and controls.  

Currently Approved Budget: $405,100,000

Construction is anticipated to begin 2025.