Westminster Blvd. Force Main Replacement

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Project Description:

Westminster Force MainsAlmost three miles of dual force mains* will be replaced on Westminster Blvd. from Seal Beach Blvd. in the City of Seal Beach to Rancho Road/Hammon Place in the City of Westminster. The existing sewer is aging and in need of replacement. In addition, the replacement will increase operational reliability and flexibility.

Project Background:

The Seal Beach Pump Station and the force mains were constructed in 1972. The system has aged and many of its components are becoming obsolete requiring additional maintenance to properly function. The replacement of the pump station requires the corresponding force mains to also be addressed and thus properly sized for the increased capacity that will be added to the pump station.

This project is part of the Western Regional Sewers Program that is rehabilitating and/or replacing over 20 miles of sewer in the western region of our service area. 

We will be closely coordinating with the OCTA 405 widening project to minimize public impacts.


Construction is anticipated to begin in spring 2020.

Current Approved Budget:


*Force main: pipes used to move wastewater under pressure by use of a pump station. Force mains are necessary when gravity flow is not sufficient to move wastewater through a gravity line.