Headworks Rehabilitation and Expansion

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OCSD Plant No. 1

P1-105 Aerial Project Area

Project Description:
This project will rehabilitate and upgrade facilities at the Plant No. 1 Headworks.  Facilities to be rehabilitated include the Metering and Diversion Structure, the Bar Screen Building, and Bin Loading Building, the Main Sewage Pump Station, the Grit Basins, the Primary Influent channels, the Headworks Odor Control Scrubbers, and electrical power distribution and control systems.  The project will also include demolitions of the original Headworks No. 1 facilities and the unused Chlorine Building pumps. 

This project will improve resiliency of the electrical system including expanding the diversity and back up power system.  Once completed, the system will have fewer power disruptions, better safeguards, and will eliminate the domino effect during system faults. 

Background Information:
The Headworks Replacement at Plant No. 2 was completed, now the Headworks at Plant No. 1 needs rehabilitation to enhance the headworks area to increase the life of the asset and improve the service of other areas in the plant.

Current Approved Budget:  $406,000,000 

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2021.