Headquarters Complex, Site and Security, and Entrance Realignment Program

Project Description: 

This project is for the new Headquarters Complex to house administrative, engineering and laboratory staff along with associated site and utilities improvements, security improvements and entrance modifications. The work also includes demolition of trailers and associated utilities, replacement of asphalt in the southwest area, demolition of the existing structures and associated utilities and site improvements at the north area of Plant 1.  An estimated total of 155,000 square feet of new facilities will be constructed.  Over 550,000 square feet of site development will be required including security walls, security improvements, utility rerouting, ocean monitoring garage, parking and roadway improvements, storm-water drainage and grading, and landscaping.  Coordination with Orange County Transportation Authority will be required to accommodate their new southbound I-405 freeway onramp at Ellis Avenue.

Construction is tentatively scheduled for 2020.

 CEQA documents