Odor Complaint

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Minimizing odors at our facilities

If you experience odors report them to:

 Fountain Valley (714) 593-7025
Huntington Beach (714) 593-7625

Unfortunately, wastewater creates odor nuisances from a variety of sources such as odors escaping from sewer maintenance holes and from the wastewater treatment process. We track and measure odors on a regular basis, in an effort to better understand and minimize them.

We have crews available around the clock to respond to odor complaints. When OCSD Control Center receives an odor complaint, the clerk will ask the caller for information to attempt to identify the source. If the odor is taking place at that time, OCSD will investigate by going to the affected area and checking for possible odor causes. When odor is determined to be coming from an OCSD source, changes are made to correct the problem. 

Odor is an ongoing issue that OCSD faces as we treat wastewater every day. The smell resulting from our process areas can sometimes escape our facilities. We are sensitive to these concerns, and are committed to addressing odor complaints in a timely manner. If you experience odors, we strongly recommend that you contact us at the phone numbers above immediately. This will allow us the best chance of identifying the odor and correcting it.