Legislative and Community Engagement

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Legislative Engagement 

The Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) recognizes the need for an active state and federal legislative advocacy program to ensure that the interests of the ratepayers and the Board of Directors are protected. Towards that end, the legislative team actively engages, pursues and monitors activities in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. and takes appropriate action in support or opposition of legislative initiatives. 

Each year, the Board of Directors adopts a legislative plan, which is a summary of OCSD’s goals, key issues and policy positions. The following legislative policies have been developed by OCSD staff and legislative advocates in consideration of OCSD’s member agencies and policy needs. These Board-approved policies serve as OCSD’s official positions of support or opposition on issues of importance to the agency. The legislative plan is a dynamic document, adopted annually and changing to meet the needs of the Board as well as the federal and state policymaking agendas. 


2019 Positions

State Legislation

Federal Legislation


2018 Positions

State Legislation

 Federal Legislation

Public Affairs & Community Engagement

The primary objective of our Public Affairs team is to deliver messages that are accurate, transparent and designed to foster public trust and confidence. An integrated Public Affairs Strategic Plan is essential to deal effectively with the variety of audiences we serve.

Public Affairs staff provides services and tools, and implements programs to meet the communication needs of several audiences for OCSD. This includes planning and implementing media relations; website and intranet site content; community, elected officials and government relations; education and outreach; and graphic development.

This Plan has been developed based upon the principles of OCSD’s Mission and will support the implementation of OCSD’s Strategic Plan. This Plan offers a vision to unify our communication efforts and focus resources to achieve the greatest impact in order to achieve the greatest results.